Weedmaps Vs. Leafly: Who’s Really Winning?

In the marijuana industry, we have two directory power houses: Weedmaps and Leafly.

So we took a deep look into the analytics available to us, to see which company is leading in the cannabis industry.


Google Searches:

Comparison between the online searches for Weedmaps and Leafly.
The first thing we looked at was how many times people google the company name. We can see that “Weedmaps” is searched over twice as many times as “Leafly” per month. This shows that “Weedmaps” is crushing the branded searches, with almost half a million customers actively finding Weedmaps through their company name.


Social Media Comparison:Diagram comparing the difference between Leafly and Weedmaps Social Platforms.

Weedmaps is dominating Leafly on every social media platform except for Instagram. This is further proof that the ‘Weedmaps’ branding is outperforming Leafly.

Diagnose Engagement:

This is where things get really interesting. Leafly gets over twice as many visits to their website per month compared to Weedmaps. So if Leafly is half as popular as Weedmaps, how are they getting twice as much traffic?


Analytic report of Weedmaps and Leafly's online engagement.


Diagnose Traffic:Graph showing where Weedmaps and Leafly get all their website traffic.

Weedmaps gets over half of the traffic to their site from people going directly to ‘www.weedmaps.com’ in their browser. This clearly shows off Weedmaps strong branding. Conversely, Leafly gets over half of their traffic from organic searches.



Moz's Domain Authority comparison of Weedmaps and Leafly.

If you own a dispensary, or work in the cannabis industry, there’s a good chance you budget money towards online advertising. Curious which company you should advertise with?

Well, the answer is actually both. The best way to see where your ads are providing the best ROI (and Conversions) is by testing. In the back end of your analytics, you can see where all you traffic is coming from, as well as the % of traffic that is converting to actual sales.

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